Saving Pirate Ryan

This is Ryan.




Obviously Ryan is a pirate.
Like most pirates he likes collecting gold and other shiny things.
Ryan has a problem though: His ship just sank, all his gold is scattered across the sea, the fog is getting thicker making it hard to see and all he has left is one plank to hold on to. But Ryan has an idea; he will use his years of experience in the pirate surfing league and use the plank as a surfboard, trying to get to the land this way, collecting as much of his treasure as possible.

This is were you come in, control our protagonist Ryan on his improvised surfboard plank using the Wii Balance Board. And because Ryan would like to get out of his misery as fast as possible you get bonus points for bringing him to safety faster. But don't forget all the shinies on the way. Keep a lookout for the lighthouse as it's showing you the way; Buoys can also help Ryan with his navigation through the fog.

The game started as a project for the winter term 2010/11. It is using the Unity Engine and will be presented and playable at the boot trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.




More information, more videos and a downloadable build will become available as the project progresses.


The "Media Project 2" course project done in the time of the summer term 2010.


It's a Jump and Run game done in Flash/AS3 with the additional feature of having magical chalk. With this chalk the user has to draw magical elements recognized by a gesture handling system. These magical elements are for example Blocks to surmount obstacles or Fire/Water to be able to afflict and defeat enemies to complete the levels. The controls are handled via Keyboard/Mouse or a Wiimote with or without a Nunchuck.



Picture of Chalkdusts Gameplay Picture of Chalkdusts Gameplay Picture of Chalkduts Gameplay



More information, the possibility to play the game online and a download can be found on the official project page on

Strawberry Thieves

The "Computer Science Project 2" course project done in the time of the winter term 2009/2010.


It's a tower defense and attack network multiplayer game with a 2.5D graphics style utilizing lwjgl and done in Java. You are on one side of the map and the goal is to steal your neighbors strawberries and rhubarb to bake a cake. For this goal you have thieves and specialists to send them out and there are different types of traps and towers for your defense. In addition there is a "Fog of War", meaning you will only see your own half of the map and the area directly around your units. You get:



  • Thief - He will run towards your neighbor and steal something | Can be stopped by traps

The Thief

  • Specialist - He will run towards your neighbor and steal something | He can disarm one trap and is faster but more expensive than the thief

The Specialist

  • Tower - A stationary thief that shoots incoming thieves with a blow pipe | Disappears after 30 Seconds

The Tower



  • Mud Pit - This pit slows down enemy thieves that walk through it

The Mud Pit

  • Banana Peel - Makes thieves fall over and basically defeats them

The Banana Peel

  • Cage - A one time defensive trap that will catch and disable one or multiple thieves at one spot permanently

The Cage








Super Media Brothers

The "Computer Science Project 1" course project done in the time of the summer term 2009.

The proposal was to create a console based Connect Four but we wanted something more challenging and our tutor approved.


It's a homage to classical Jump and Run game in the style of the Super Mario Brothers games. The goal is simple, get to the "Finish" sign at the end of each level before the time runs out, evade or defeat enemies, traverse deep gaps and collect as many coins as possible on the way. With a few action packed levels (level 3 is really really hard, even we have problems sometimes) and a charming retro look, the Super Media Brothers were our first project.



Start Menu Picture of Super Media Brothers Gameplay Picture of Super Media Brothers Gameplay Picture of Super Media Brothers