Awards and time for updates

12-09-2013 20:31

Two days ago I received the Best Demo Award at this year's Mensch & Computer conference, the Germany's biggest conference on Human-Computer interaction This year's conference was joined with the Usability Professionals and DeLFI, an e-Learning conference.


I've neglected this website for my entire Master's studies and wanted to update it for a long time, but never got around to doing so. Now that I am back home from the conference and my Master's studies are also getting closer to their end I want to use the opportunity to actually get around and do this.


So in the near future I hope to backtrack and provide info on all the bigger projects I worked on in the last two years and a few other things that occured.

It's done

05-10-2011 19:55

From this moment on I officially hold the title of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Media. I'm relieved all the final stress is over. And now it all begins anew: Master here I come.

The end is nigh

13-07-2011 16:26

My studies for the Bachelor of Science - Computer Science and Media is nearing it's end; one way or the other.
This semester I did a voluntary university project using the UDK to help a fellow student, I've done my mandatory internship and I've started my bachelor's thesis in collaboration with djacap Inc.

And since I've been busy and didn't have much time to bring more updates, I at least want to mention one thought from the past. Is the majority of people really disliking what the Wii U Controller could bring? Aside from the crontroversy of how many of those will be usable on one system I still think that it has a lot of potential and could bring many possibilities. Multiple Viewpoints and movement in a non-handheld graphics 3D space could add a lot to singleplayer experiences not to begin with what it could bring for multiplayer, no split-screen, nobody but you can see your perspective and all that on one local system.

I for one would like to get my hands on one, even if it's only the controller itself, I bet just like with the Wiimote there will be enough adaptions for the PC within a not too long time span.

An update once in a while

10-04-2011 05:37

It's now a bit over a month that I started my internship at djacap Inc. and so far I have to say I'm loving it. Working on something you actually enjoy doing feels so much better than studying the whole time and learning some things that you are not necessarily interested in. It did also prove that I am actually having fun on commercial projects and not just fun University or hobby projects.

On another note I just did a quick small program that launches Mortal Online without the need to start it through the Launcher/Patcher. Just put it in your main Mortal Online folder, next to the "Mortal Online Launcher.exe" and the "mortalonline" folder.
MO Launcher

Project info and some quick game

30-12-2010 15:42

I put some teaser info for our current project up.


Also this morning MSN Messenger decided, as so often, to give me some problems while trying to play some games of checkers with a sweet person. So a few days ago I decided to create my own online checkers. It's still just the basic game, a quick draft, nothing special, visually inferior. But it's working and it's mine. What more could one want?

CCNA, internship and project update

22-12-2010 18:25

I just finished CCNA 3 Exploration LAN Switching and Wireless yesterday. We're probably going to start CCNA 4 over the course of the christmas break. That's right, no break for us, the life of a student can be stressful sometimes. Did anyone ever notice how close to love and to loath are phonetically?
I'm currently on the lookout for an internship for the next semester and as of this week it's one month left to the boot and thereby the end of our final project at the university.

boot me

19-11-2010 03:45

We (meaning my current project group and me) will be part of this years representatives of the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf at the boot trade fair in Düsseldorf end of the upcoming January.

More information to come in the future.


You can also check out the website of the University's trade fair group.

WIP = Work in Projects

26-09-2010 20:12

I'm working on getting most of the projects up and presentable.

This means I'll have to find all those old buggers again and maybe compile them anew. Trying to get some short video presentations for them done as well.

So hopefully more content coming soon.

New domain is up

22-08-2010 16:22

The new domain is up. And it even got part of my corporate design!