Checkers - Unity

Since MSN Messenger Checkers has some problems sometimes I decided to make my own, and in Unity.
As usual it's not the prettiest of games but it might become one day.

Current Status:

  • The game is fully functional.
  • It's internet/LAN multiplayer only.
  • The host is always white and starts first.
  • When the game is over nothing special happens yet.
  • Some helpful state indicators, visually or by plain text might be helpful.


  • All done by drag & dropping game pieces.


Follow this link to play.
Requires the Unity Web Player.

RPG - Unity Test

A small test RPG done with the Unity Engine and proof of concept for myself.


The current features of this small game:

  • First Person Controls
  • Health/Stamina/Mana System
  • 2 different Spells to shoot
  • Explosion on collision that can damage Players and AI
  • Basic AI that follows Players that get close and loses interest when too far away
  • Physics test targets
  • First multiplayer direct connection network draft


  • W/A/S/D to move
  • Shift to sprint
  • Space to jump
  • 1/2 to switch between spells
  • Hold Control to enable the Cursor


Follow this link to play.
Requires the Unity Web Player.

Mortal Online Tools

Mortal Online is a full-pvp full-loot skillbased sandbox MMORPG by Star Vault that I have been developing tools for.


  • MO Launcher - Starts the game without having to wait for the Launcher/Patcher. Just put it in your main Mortal Online folder, next to the "Mortal Online Launcher.exe" and the "mortalonline" folder.
  • MO Countdown - A downloader that did load all the images of a secret sequence from the early beta countdown and animate them. | Down because it's not working anymore now that the countdown is long gone and the images removed.
  • MO Stat Calculator - A tool to calculate and plan race, age, stats and all attributes of a Character. | Not all formulas are currently 100% up to date.
  • MO Online Checker - A small program that was just checking if the Mortal login servers were actually online as there were some login issues in early beta. | Not of any use and not working with the current state of the game anymore.
  • MO Lottery - Just a small random lottery draw system that chooses names from an input list in a roullete kind of visualization for an in game lottery.


All the following are currently down because I need a new database provider.

  • MO Charsheet - An Attempt to create a Character Roster with MySQL Database backing.
  • MO Character Relations - A GUI look-up interface for a Kill On Sight and general Character Relations database.


I hope to get all of these up again in the not so far future.

Game of Life implementation

Just a quick and dirty implementation of the all times favorite "mathematical game".

  • You can freely draw and add cells with your Mouse by clicking and dragging.
  • You can remove those cells by holding Control on your Keyboard while doing so.
  • Adjust the cell size and the step interval by adjusting the sliders.
  • Once you set your cells press start to let the life process run. 

Other Stuff

Other stuff that I have worked on in the past and might pick up again in the future.


  • Xtended Dropdown Menu - A dropdown menu with an optional input field
  • Bomberman clone
  • Your typical Snake
  • Pong implementation
  • Multiple small game engine tests, entity systems
  • Some batch downloaders for image gallery hosting sites
  • P2P Chat and Instant Messenger Netcode and GUI
  • A small chat program utilizing basic IRC protocol functionality
  • A few random database and table programs such as address planers, class schedules and similar
  • Quite a few other things that I probably can't call to mind right now