I consider myself an artist in many ways, none of which directly related to any physical form of drawing or painting. For me art is the process of taking something that only exists in your head and mind, and bringing it into any virtual or physical form - making it what we conceive as reality.


I grew up with all kinds of video game platforms, from the Intellivision that came out before I was even born through the Commodore 64 and some of the Atari systems to the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Gameboy and some of the more modern video game consoles - and of course not to forget PCs with DOS and Windows systems. Video games always inspired and amazed me with how they can open up new world of fun for the player. And that is what brought me to the point at which I decided to get into games and media and create such worlds myself.


In some wasy I am the classical code monkey, I like to delve into code, make it work. In other ways I'm a designer of worlds, environments, systems.


I am interested in new ideas and ways in programming, especially game design and engines. I write third party applications for some games and other things whenever I see a use for them or to bring some ease to the people with whom I play games. I also write small games or slightly bigger games in projects with other people and am always looking forward to bigger projects to realize.


I am currently studying media and computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, Germany.